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Amanda has no children and is currently enrolled in nursing school. "I was enrolled in school and my tuition was due and I could not pay it. I was paid unexpectedly when some of my bags sold and I was able to pay my tuition and stay in school. By making and selling bags I am able to have a cell phone. I share my money with God because he gives me the knowledge and courage to do this".
April 2018


Chantale has a large family of 4 brothers and 3 sisters. The sewing program works out of a room in the front of her house where her parents also live. Her favorite part of making the bags is when she has completed it and sees her design finished. "I am going to be fluent in English and French, that is one of my current goals. I love fashion and nice clothing and designing bags".
April 2018



Fedia is the mother to one boy, Dayard, age 5. She teaches kindergarten at a local school. "I like when we are at sewing and I make a mistake and everyone helps me to correct it. I always seem to receive money from bag sales when I need it the most".
April 2018


Madame Julie travels from St Marc to sew. She is the mother to two children- one girl, age 16 named Nehemie and a boy, age 4, named Josue. Her husband is a minister. Julie also teaches kindergarten. "I like to cut out the fabric. When I finish and I put the sticker on with my name I am so happy for what I have just made. The first money I made, I used to go to back to school".
April 2018



Edna is mother to three children, a girl age 15 named Jersey, a girl age 3 named Evanderley and a boy age 10 named Vender. "I do not like to redo bags when they are wrong, but I like designing.  The first money I earned I used it to put cement around my house".
April 2018


Wiseline is the mother to one girl, age 8, named Julie. Two of her sisters, Edna and Darlene are also members of SPDL. "Sometimes when we work, I feel like we are losing time, but we have accomplished something. I feel good when my bag is good and especially when I get money! I was able to buy a portable toilet with the money I have earned. That has been good".  
April 2018



Clairerose is mother to 2 year old Janica. Janica can usually be found sitting under the cutting table during sewing sessions. "I usually make bags that are wrong. I am now getting help to make much better bags. I do this to make money to use for my daughter".
April 2018


Merese is the mother of two little girls, Ludodelina age 2 and Melika, 3 months. Her favorite part of making the bags is setting up the pocket and that finishes the bag. "I borrowed money from a friend one day and felt bad that I had not be able to repay it, and one afternoon I was surprised to be paid for some of my bags that sold and I was able to pay back my friend. I was able to relax and felt good".

April 2018



Yvonne has one child, a boy named Garnieri, age 9. "I like sewing a lot but I do not like to redo a bag that is wrong".
April 2018


Darlene is a newer member of SPDL and is the sister to Edna and Wiseline. She has made bags in the past, but is currently residing in Chile. We hope she returns soon and sews again with SPDL.
April 2018

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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